Ykee Benda Endorses King Saha for U.M.A Presidency as Race takes New Twist!


Last week, UMA – Uganda Musicians Association announced its election nominations at the National Theatre. 

There are various positions being contested for but the presidency spot is one for the biggest talk because two kings, the King Herself Cindy Sanyu and another King from Kings Love Entertainment King Saha are both eyeing the associations top most seat having picked their nomination papers on Friday and Saturday respectively. The scramble for UMA Presidency has now taken a new twist, by the time of filing this story, news on our desk indicated that singer Apass is joining the race anytime.

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Cindy Sanyu picking her Nomination form for UMA Presidency on Friday. Right is Geoffrey Ekongot – Chairperson UMA Electoral Commission

On Monday afternoon, Singer Ykee Benda who also doubles as a past President for the same associated endorsed King Saha for Presidency. Through an open letter to fellow artists on Facebook, the Mpaka Records boss gave a background of his tenure while in office as the UMA president, he further stated various reasons to why he hand to resign shortly before his term came to an end. In the same letter, Ykee Benda stated his personal reasons for supporting Saha before he called upon other musicians to vote for the Sivaawo singer to lead them under their Umbrella body.

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King Saha picking his nomination form from UMA offices at the National Theatre on Saturday. Right is UMA Electoral commission Chairperson & Edson Kirabira – Saha’s Campaign Manager

Cindy’s biggest strength in the race is the fact that she is the immediate past president of the association and like they say, an incumbent or past leader in an office stands a higher chance of retaining their positions if they stand again. On the other hand, King Saha’s biggest strength is the new generation artists that relate with him as their own, the backing of Ykee Benda as a past president also plays in his favor. In addition, King Saha’s campaign manager Edson Kirabira also known as the Socialite President is a name to reckon with in the musician circles having had a great background of mass mobilization from bringing all the past top socialites in the land. Our close sources have revealed that he is on ground doing everything possible to see his candidate King Saha take on the Musicians top office.


Ykee Benda - Uganda Diaspora Eye

I’m here to introduce to you my president of the Uganda Musicians Association , Mr. King Saha. 
As you all know , I’m a former president of this association that I dearly love and belong to , but the reason I had to leave office was because most of the people I was working with were not transparent and their intentions were far away from the core goals of the association, some had personal interests of getting money from the government for their own good not the industry something that i failed to agree with because in the end it would come back to me as a president and also it wasn’t adding to me an active musician. 

Most of the colleagues were our elders in music who are no longer active in music and had nothing to loose that’s why “some”of them only  cared more about getting government money individually with no intentions to make lives better for the industry people something that disorganized every plan we had as an association and I couldn’t really wait to get into embarrassments that I didn’t work for .  So I left . 
This association was formed to bring the industry together to make sure we equally benefit & protect  our art from all corners and for this to work , we need a strong leadership that is trusted.

 The reason I’m voting for King Saha is because I trust him , I’ve dealt with him for the past 5 years.  He is a man of his word , and I trust him to be my president because he knows how bad we need this to work , he is an active musician that has something to loose if he messes up with anything. Nzikiriza nti King Saha muntu gwetusobola okwesiga nobukulembeze Bwaffe as artists kubanga we all know he is very good, talina tabbu and he loves the industry so much, ate atukikako. 
So to all my brothers and sisters in the arts industry, the right person is KING SAHA . 
Thank you so much 




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