YKEE BENDA: Dre Cali is still Mpaka Records’s Brand bound to it by Contract!


The disagreement between the Mpaka records star Ykee Benda and signee Dre Cali started out as a small rumor and many could not go by it,with many people not actually believing it was true. By now however, it is no longer a secret that Dre Cali and Ykee Benda are no longer smoothly working together under Mpaka Records.

Dre Cali was reported to have left Uganda for Canada amid lawsuits from his former management, Wyse Technologies Limited a few weeks back. The pressure could have gotten to his head and he then decided to flee the country since the situation with the law suit was not moving in his favor at all.

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Ykee Benda recently confirmed the reports that Dre Cali is no longer in the country but trashed the ongoing rumor that it was caused by a disagreement between the two. While appearing on NBS TV’s After 5 show on Tuesday,  Ykee Benda spilled the beans  as he revealed that his working relationship with Dre is not currently very good and they are not  as close as they used to be.


Ykee revealed that he has not talked to him for a while, not even through text, but he went ahead to stress that   he is still a Mpaka Records singer. The Munakampala hit maker  also claimed that Mpaka Records owns the brand “Dre Cali” and that he is still bound to Mpaka records by a signed contract.



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