YES or NO? Are artistes Levixone & Desire Luzinda Getting Married?


On January 19 this year, this platform ran a story putting a question mark to an alleged romantic relationship between singers Levixone and Desire Luzinda.

Six months later today, news around the corner is the pair is set to hold a traditional marriage ceremony and according to reliable source the Kwanjula will happen next week! With this news, the big question is since when did these two start dating? According to Sweden based blogger Peng Peng in January, the two started dating over 3 years back.

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Desire Luzinda

The other question is, what would bring Levixone, a renown gospel singer closer to Luzinda, famously known for her secular music and dirty linen in the public domain? To answer this, it should be noted that the songstress relocated to the United States in 2008 and shortly before relocating, Luzinda had converted and became a born again Christian in 2017! In addition, she announced that she had quit secular music.

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With this background, coupled with her disappearance in the media spaces for the wrong reasons, we can authoritatively confirm that Desire Luzinda is truly a transformed person and if true, that’s the reason she could have attracted Levixone.


This is a developing story, trust us to keep you posted till the last dot!



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