Talent Africa Unveils Legends of Sound: Afrigo @ 48 Featuring Awilo Longomba


Talent Africa, a leading entertainment company, is thrilled to announce the inaugural edition of Legends of Sound, a captivating annual event that showcases legendary acts from Uganda and around the world.


This year, Legends of Sound will commemorate the remarkable 48-year journey of Afrigo Band, accompanied by the electrifying presence of international lingala star, Awilo Longomba. The event promises an unforgettable night of music and entertainment, set to take place on August 5th at the picturesque Kampala Sheraton Gardens.

Afrigo Band, widely acclaimed for their exceptional contributions to the Ugandan music scene, will share the stage with Awilo Longomba, the renowned Congolese artist based in France. Awilo Longomba is currently in the country for intensive rehearsal sessions with Afrigo Band, ensuring a seamless fusion of their distinct musical styles for this iconic live concert.


The mastermind behind Legends of Sound, Aly Allibhai, expressed his excitement about producing and managing this show, which he envisions as an annual celebration of legendary talent.


He highlighted the inspiration drawn from Afrigo Band’s 48th anniversary and the belief that Awilo’s participation would elevate the event to new heights. Allibhai emphasized the significance of this pan-African collaboration and promised a premium experience unlike any other, allowing revelers to truly connect with the musical legends themselves.

Joanita Kawalya, a member of Afrigo Band, emphasized the importance of dedication and discipline for Ugandan artists, urging them to take their craft seriously in order to flourish musically.


Moses Matovu, another member of Afrigo Band, shared his excitement about partnering with Talent Africa for their anniversary celebration. He explained that Afrigo symbolizes Africa’s musical journey to the world, making the collaboration with Talent Africa a natural fit.

Awilo Longomba, an Afro-pop legend known for his energetic performances and infectious beats, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Afrigo Band and highlighted their status as the best and biggest band in Uganda. He eagerly anticipated the special fusion of their music and emphasized the need for the Ugandan government to celebrate Afrigo Band’s achievements.


Legends of Sound – Afrigo at 48 guarantees an exceptional concert experience for all attendees. Beyond the electrifying performances on stage, the event offers a range of unique offstage experiences. Guests can expect an immersive international concert atmosphere, complete with state-of-the-art production, stunning visuals, and superior sound quality. Talent Africa has also curated premium experiences for those seeking an elevated level of enjoyment throughout the event.


Tickets for Legends of Sound – Afrigo at 48 will be available starting Monday, June 19, on tagticketing.com. Gold tables of 8 are priced at 5 Million Ugandan Shillings, while Silver early bird tickets can be purchased at 120,000/= before July 19th and 150,000/= thereafter. Ordinary early bird tickets are priced at 50,000/= before July 19th and 75,000/= after. It is advised to secure tickets early to avoid disappointment.


The press briefing, held during a sundowner cocktail at the Talent Africa office and hosted by RS Elvis, was attended by members of the press, Afrigo Band, and Awilo Longomba.

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please contact 0777 564 997 or email info@talentafricagroup.com.



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