Singer Rickman Manrick To Venture Into Acting.



Former footballer-turned-singer, Derrick Ddungu, popularly known as Rickman Manrick, is contemplating a significant career shift, with acting taking the spotlight in his ambitious plans.

Embodying the mantra of “never settling for less,” Rickman has seamlessly transitioned between various careers throughout his professional journey. After facing a career-ending knee injury that halted his football dreams, Rickman found solace in music, achieving success with several hit songs.

Despite his initial triumph in the music industry, the ‘Bango’ singer is once again exploring new horizons, this time setting his sights on acting. Through his X account, Rickman disclosed his aspiration to delve into the world of film, confident that he can make a substantial impact.

In his quest for acting roles, Rickman has set forth specific criteria. He is adamant that any script offered to him must convey a positive message, one that empowers, motivates, and inspires. Expressing his disinterest in roles associated with witchcraft, Rickman is unequivocally open for business and ready to contribute his talent to projects with a meaningful impact on audiences.



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