She’s A Queen Of Bubble Gum Music, Cindy Jabs Sheebah Again.


In the latest exchange of verbal blows, Cindy didn’t hold back in describing Sheebah’s music as bubble gum. The rivalry between the two seems to have intensified since the announcement of same concert dates, with no signs of either backing down.

Taking a swipe at Sheebah’s claim of having 90 songs in 10 years, Cindy dismissed the significance of the number of songs an artiste possesses, stating that quality trumps quantity.

“While i might have a smaller repertoire of 20 songs, i believe, it stands out for its high quality, unlike her which lack staying power and fade away within three months of release” She added.

In the blue corner while speaking during a question-and-answer session with journalists, Sheebah Karungi, undeterred by Cindy’s jabs as she confidently stated that she is ready to face the challenge head-on. She expressed her fearlessness in going head-to-head with Cindy musically.

“The ultimate verdict lies with the fans, as they will be the ones to judge our performances at the showdown scheduled to take place at Kololo Independence grounds on 15th September 2023.” Sheebah highlighted.

She continued to question Cindy’s claim of booking the same venue on the same day, challenging her to provide receipts as evidence.

“What I know is that there will be a Victoria University event on 14th, September,2023 and my festival will be on 15th of the same month,” she emphasized


As the tension builds and the music community eagerly awaits the battle of talents, one thing is certain – this showdown will be an electrifying spectacle that will leave a mark on Ugandan music history.



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