Sauti ANA Records Unveils Sensational Artiste Camila Tessy


The Ugandan music scene is buzzing with excitement as the new record label, Sauti ANA Records, officially launched its business in the heart of Kampala, presenting the world with their talented new artiste, Camila Tessy. Under the visionary directorship of Anyoti Alfred, the label aims to make its mark in the industry, drawing inspiration from successful labels like Swangz Avenue.

With a passion for nurturing raw talent and a commitment to tackling unemployment in the communities, Sauti ANA Records set its sights on investing in budding artists and providing a platform for them to shine. Their newest jewel, Camila Tessy, emerged as the perfect fit for the label’s vision.

Camila Tessy, known as Nanyonga Camilla Mutesi in real life, is a powerhouse songstress with a versatile vocal range that leaves audiences spellbound. Speaking to the media, the newcomer expressed her gratitude to the label’s management for believing in her and giving her this incredible opportunity.

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“I am thrilled to be part of Sauti ANA Records, and I promise to give my fans nothing but the best musical projects,” Camila declared with a sparkle in her eyes. “Music is my calling, and I am ready to pour my heart and soul into creating unforgettable melodies that will touch the hearts of many.”

The label, officially registered earlier this year, boasts a team of industry professionals, with renowned Kampala deejay and Media Personality DJ Janny P taking the reins as the operations manager, ensuring the label’s smooth functioning. The creative helm of the label’s sound is entrusted to the talented Mattex producer, who is set to craft hit after hit with Camila Tessy.

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Sauti ANA Records offers a wide range of services, including audio and video productions, artiste management, TV and radio commercials, documentaries, and events management. With a keen eye on elevating talent to new heights, the label is poised to make a significant impact on Uganda’s music landscape.

“We are here to revolutionize the industry and give our artists the platform they deserve. Our goal is not just to create music but to create opportunities for our communities and help our talented artists realize their dreams.” Anyoti Alfred, the Director of Sauti ANA Records, explained passionately.

Asked about the decision to work with a fresh artiste like Camila Tessy, Alfred responded, “We wanted to start from the genesis with an artiste. Camila has the passion, the talent, and the drive to make it big, and we believe in her potential to become a music sensation.”

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As Sauti ANA Records sets the stage for their first musical masterpiece with Camila Tessy, the industry eagerly awaits the magic this dynamic partnership will produce. With the full support of media and stakeholders in the entertainment industry, the label is ready to take Ugandan music to new heights, one melodious note at a time.

The future looks bright for both Sauti ANA Records and the promising songstress, Camila Tessy, as they embark on an exciting musical journey together.



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