Sama Sojah Is Love Struck On New Classic Single ‘SIKA AKATI’


Appreciated for his musical innovation and creative prowess, Sama Sojah, the Afro-Dancehall and reggae luminary, once again graces the winter season with a soul-stirring and love-infused song dubbed Sika Akati.
Produced by the versatile Ugandan Producer, Crouch (Jeeb Records), this enchanting piece of music shines like the sun, warming the hearts of all who listen.

This is a timeless gem that exudes the ultimate Afro vibe while seamlessly blending with the smooth essence of R’n’B, allowing Sama to glide effortlessly as he expresses his affection for his beloved, likening her to a steadfast relay race partner. The song, released just two days ago, exhibits his undeniable talent and captivates the souls of music enthusiasts, soothing the hearts with its melodic enchantment.

Perfectly mixed and mastered by Herbert Skillz, this love single has already garnered immense praise and admiration, spreading like wildfire both on the internet and among the masses.

To complement the song’s lyrical content and give it a wider push, a visually captivating and vibrant music video accompanies its release. Directed by the talented Edrine Paul of Future Trends Print, the video depicts a romantic tale between Sama and a breathtakingly beautiful woman, whom he ardently implores to remain by his side, through thick and thin. The opening shot of the two in a cozy night setup scene adorned with candle light, captures the viewers’ attention, adding an eye-catching element to the narrative.

Notably, Sama Sojah’s attire as a catholic Father in the video symbolizes his role as a leader in crafting captivating and heartfelt content, further cementing his status as a true musical visionary.

Watch the official video here:



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