Ray G Rocks Lugogo Cricket Oval with Stellar Performance.


Western Uganda-based singer Reagan Muhairwe, popularly known as Ray G, showcased his musical prowess last Friday evening with a triumphant concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

This marked his second concert in Kampala, following his debut two years ago at the Imperial Royale Hotel. Unlike his previous performance, this time Ray G had a lot to prove, aiming to demonstrate that a Western-based artist could command the grand stage of Lugogo Cricket Oval.

And prove himself he did.

Ray G left no stone unturned, pulling out all the stops for this concert. Teaming up with Global Coaches as partners, they successfully ferried fans from Mbarara to the cricket oval, ensuring a packed venue by 9 pm when Ray G took the stage.

20240513 102635
Ray G performing live during his concert at Lugogo Cricket.

Crafted by Fenon Events, the concert boasted top-notch sound, state-of-the-art stage setup, and dazzling lighting, delivering exceptional value for attendees.

20240513 102626
Ray G greeting Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwe in the VIP section.

The event attracted musicians from both Central and Western Uganda, with acts like Green Daddy, Levixone, Truth 256, Pallaso, Ziza Bafana, and newcomers Warafiki from Fenon Entertainment rallying behind Ray G.

During his three sessions, Ray G performed hits like “Make a Way,” “Omusheshe” featuring Spice Diana, “Yoya” with Levixone, “Mirembe,” “Yebare,” “Tayari,” and “Weena,” among others. His fans enthusiastically sang along, swept up in the excitement at Lugogo.

Expressing his gratitude midway through the concert, Ray G thanked his fans and fellow musicians for their unwavering support. He later took to social media, expressing heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the event a success.

“I thank the Almighty God. He blessed us with life, good weather, and set our music free. My heart is full. I am forever grateful. May 10, 2024, was a fundamental day in my music career and my life. God showed that when you believe and work hard, dreams become reality. I thank all my friends (fans) ‘abantu bangye’ for the love and support like you always do. I can never take it for granted because it pushes me to be the best version of myself,” said Ray G.

He also extended his gratitude to the sponsors, particularly Next Media, for their overwhelming support in making the event possible.



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