RAGGA DEE: UMA’s Biggest Problem Is Selfishness!


Veteran musician Daniel Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee has pointed out the major problem hindering the Uganda Musicians Association. In his capacity as Chairman National Culture Forum, Raggadee says that problem is selfishness. He says when an artist shows intentions in a leadership position, his fellows think that he/she is going to start earning big. They, therefore, start beefing this artist forgetting the core intentions of UMA.

“There’s one major problem at UMA. People are competing with each other. When one person shows interest in a big position, others tend to think that this person will eat (earn) “big” forgetting the intentions for leadership,” RagGa Dee said.

Further, Ragga Dee also urged musicians to vote for the best musician who loves the industry. They shouldn’t vote for this leadership because of height, good music, or any other factor. They should be able to be accepted by all musicians. Besides, he also quashed rumors that government doesn’t provide support to the industry. This is a factor that the shadow minister of the entertainment industry, Dr. Hilderman raised.

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Raggadee – Chairman NCF

The Mazongoto singer last week said that government at first shunned the association but later on out of nowhere picked up interest in it. Raga Dee however pointed out some scenarios that government has stepped in for the association.

“On issues of government shunning UMA, it’s not correct. We must appreciate that the government has taken an initiative to support UMA elections with some funds. A while ago, the current president Cindy and the treasurer Big Eye received a cheque of 60 million shillings,” added Raga Dee.


The singer also pointed out that the first UMA elections flopped because the association decided to go digital. And since democratically every artist votes, this didn’t go ahead due to technical glitches. The UMA elections which were slated for last month were all postponed due to different reasons. The Ministry of Gender called off the last one until further notice by the Ministry of Gender.



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