Precious Remmy attacks trolls for shaming mother


TV host turned actress Rehema Nakitto alias Precious Remmy has sworn to go bare knuckles with trolls who snide attack her mother. According to Remmy, it is insulting to call her mother “granny”

During a press conference for a charity outreach to the aged, the emotional television host revealed that it hurts her everytime a parent is attacked. The outreach was in celebration of Nakitto’s 30th birthday.

“Some people don’t know how to be polite. Because they have data of Shs500, they feel they can comment everywhere they want forgetting a parent is exceptional,” she said

Adding, “If you want peace with me, you don’t talk about my mother because you don’t know how far we have come. My mother is my everything,”

Remmy was about to shed tears when her mother, who was present at the media address asked her to stop the conference citing the situation had become emotional.

Remy ended her address urging people to spend on charity.



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