PHOTOS: How it went down as UNCC launched World Culture Day Celebrations


Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) is set to commemorate World Culture Day in alignment with the global celebration. The theme for this year’s event is –

“Awakening our Norms and Cultural Values as a Tool for Mindset Change

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On Friday, UNCC officially inaugurated the festivities at the National Theatre, featuring a range of activities that highlight the significance of culture. These activities include film screenings, theater performances, exhibitions, workshops, and speeches.

During the launch, Francis Peter Ojede, the Executive Director of UNCC, emphasized the importance of culture for the arts and culture sector. Ojede stated that every year, they question themselves about the progress made in preserving and promoting their culture. World Culture Day provides an opportunity for Ugandans to reflect, acknowledge, and evaluate the contribution of culture to development while emphasizing its importance.

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Ojede further expressed, “Through concrete actions, we aim to preserve and promote our culture comprehensively, paying attention to its intrinsic values. By doing so, culture can play a significant role in the sustainable development of Uganda.”

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Among the leaders present during the opening ceremony were Mr. Nsibambi Fredrick, Deputy Executive Director of Cross Cultural Foundation (CCFU), Mr. Mpaitwe Urther, CEO of the Ugandan Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI), and Mr. Mondurugo Dominic, Deputy Executive Director of UNATCOM.

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The first day of the celebrations primarily focused on art exhibitions. UNCC believes that by providing the best exhibition space and involving various exhibitors, they can achieve the theme’s goal of teaching, defining, and showcasing Uganda’s culture as a multifaceted complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual, and emotional features that characterize society and social groups.


Robert Musiitwa, the UNCC Spokesperson, explained that culture encompasses not only the arts and literature but also the way of life, fundamental human rights, value systems, traditions, habits, and behaviors.


The celebrations continued on Saturday with diverse cultural performances leading up to the main event on Sunday. The day’s program will include a symposium featuring a panel discussion at 2pm, followed by various cultural performances.


Honorable Peace Mutuuzo, the State Minister for Gender and Culture, will be the esteemed chief guest at the event.


Through the World Culture Day celebrations, UNCC aims to promote cultural awareness, foster appreciation for Uganda’s rich heritage, and encourage positive change by harnessing the power of cultural values.

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