Pastor Andrew Jjengo Faces Accusations of Selling Late Pastor Yiga’s Property.


Kawala-based Revival Church leader Andrew Jjengo finds himself embroiled in fresh controversy as family members accuse him of disregarding the provisions outlined in the will left behind by their father, Pastor Augustine Yiga.

The allegations surfaced when one of Jjengo’s sisters appeared on NBS TV’s UnCut show, revealing that he had been selling their late father’s property without consulting other family members. She specifically pointed to the attempted sale of the church land, despite the will explicitly stating that the plot should remain untouched, with vehicles earmarked for preservation to uphold their father’s legacy.

The sister claimed to have gathered evidence of Jjengo’s actions from Kawala residents living near the church, who were surprised to learn that the family had not collectively agreed on selling the church property.

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When confronted about allegations of family members opposing Jjengo’s control over their father’s assets, she vehemently denied the accusations, asserting that Jjengo was using this as a pretext to seize control of the property.

In a plea for adherence to their father’s wishes, she urged Jjengo to manage the property in line with the will’s stipulations rather than interpreting it according to his understanding. The unfolding family dispute has sparked concern among onlookers, raising questions about the proper execution of Pastor Augustine Yiga’s final wishes.



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