Pallaso’s Father Gerald Mayanja Reveals Plans To Dig His Own Grave.


Chameleon, Weasel, and Pallaso’s father, Gerald Mayanja, have revealed he is planning to dig his own grave. Mayanja explained he will be doing so in the next few years.

He is not afraid of dying because he has achieved almost everything he dreamt about in his early years.

He doesn’t want to disturb people after his passing and will dig the grave and also ensure it’s fully completed with cement and tiles.

“I will dig my own grave and fully work on it. I got the idea from my old friend who later passed away. He dug his own grave and even called me for an inspection. I am very grateful for my accomplishments, and I am not afraid of dying,” he partly said.

Mayanja also confirmed his elder son Humphrey Mayanja is in Mulago Cancer Institute battling the deadly disease.



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