Oladapo Lights Up Jameson Hangout: An Unforgettable Bond & Connect Experience


Jameson Irish Whiskey’s renowned Bond & Connect event series, Jameson Hangout, concluded the month of September with a memorable evening of music, entertainment, and connection. Held at the picturesque Ndere Cultural Centre, this quarterly gathering brought together young people for a night they won’t soon forget.

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The star-studded event featured an electrifying performance by Nigerian sensation Oladapo, whose chart-topping hit “Proud” had the crowd singing in unison, creating an electric atmosphere. Oladapo’s captivating act was seamlessly ushered in by Janzi Extra, a musical ensemble known for their innovative band and DJ mix mashup, leaving attendees in awe. Joshua Baraka joined Oladapo on stage to perform their new collaborative release, “Without You,” adding a unique flavor to the musical lineup.

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Ugandan sensation Elijah Kitaka graced the stage with a breathtaking performance that left the audience mesmerized, highlighting the immense talent within Uganda’s music scene. Rising star Carsten showcased his distinctive style and musical delivery, earning accolades from the enthusiastic crowd. Newcomer Ceee also took the stage, joined by Apass in a thrilling rendition of their collaborative hit, “River Nile.”

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The musical journey continued with an array of talented DJs, including DJ Kas Baby, Etania – The Life of the Party, Selekta Jeff, and DJ Tonny, who kept the energy levels high and the dance floor alive throughout the night. NRG’s Sean Preezy and Adele Kiele skillfully hosted the evening, ensuring the audience remained engaged and entertained.

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Organized by Talent Africa Group, Jameson Hangout is not just a concert but a day-into-night Bond & Connect experience. Attendees enjoyed an array of entertaining games, including Jenga, Mini Pool, PlayStation, Cards, Sack Toss, and Beer Pong, adding a playful element to the event. Additionally, guests had the opportunity to indulge in a delightful shopping experience, with vendors offering Afrocentric accessories, scents, hair care services, pedicures, and manicures.

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Jameson Hangout tickets were in high demand and sold out well in advance of the event, underscoring the enthusiasm of attendees to be a part of this incredible gathering at the Ndere Cultural Centre.


Jameson’s Bond and Connect event series continues to target its core audience of L.A.D.S – adults aged 25 to 44, described as Learning, Active, Down-to-earth, Social connectors. The series successfully creates a synergy between new music and the beloved whiskey brand, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for all those in attendance.

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