Nyege Nyege organizers apologize to fans over poor accommodation


The Nyege Nyege festival delivered on its promise: Days and nights of partying and merrymaking, but the thousands of revellers who thronged the event had only one disappointment, the accommodation situation.

Several adventure-hungry partygoers who travelled to the shores of River Nile to be part of the event said organisers promised quality cottages in some areas but they were shocked to find cardboard shacks lacking proper sanitary facilities. Some of the partygoers attending the festival, which brings together artistess from across Africa claimed what they got is not what they paid for! The festival, which moved to a new, larger outdoor venue this year, began in 2015 but had been on a pandemic-induced hiatus since 2020.

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The event’s co-founder Arlen Dilsizian admitted that things were not what they are supposed to be.

“The contractor who was contracted to build and deliver the cottages has been arrested and as we speak now, he is behind bars. We got here last week and found nothing was ready. He was sending us false pictures assuring us that all was well,” he said.

He added that they have leased the event grounds for the next 10 years and that after this year’s event, they will start building their cottages. He assured revealers that this accommodation situation will never happen again. On Monday, the organisers issued a statement apologising to attendees of the event who were left disappointed by the poorly organized function. They specifically apologised for the sorry state of accommodation that left disgruntled fans lamenting on social media.

According to the team, the service provider contracted to secure accommodation at the venue failed to deliver their promise to the disappointment of the fans. The event organizers have vowed to take legal action against the service provider as well as secure refunds. “These actions greatly disappointed the festival and our esteemed clients. A civil action will be filed against them and the festival is in the process of securing refunds,” said the Nyege Nyege festival organizers.



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