Nyege Nyege Festival Returns with New Magnificent Home & more exciting deals


Nyege Nyege Festival, Africa’s apparent biggest and most adventurous music festival will be making a return from 15th-18th September 2022.

Its return after a 2 year hiatus came with a new location, Itanda Falls off the shores of River Nile where the festival will now take place with a special focus on new hybrid sounds from the Diaspora, music from the Caribbean, and the most exciting acts in Africa. Born out of Kampala’s boiling underground scene and as an extension to its parties, record labels, studios, and artist collective, Nyege Nyege Festival is an experience that is considered
one of the most important music & arts gatherings in East Africa.

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The New Location of the Festival’

Both a life-changing experience and an unforgettable party, the festival that’s built on Pan-African values and diversity offers a unique opportunity to dive into the abundance of music from East Africa and beyond.

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With Itanda Falls as the New home, its majestic waterfalls, which are known for their grade 6 rapids, will be a highlight of the festival with necessary security precautions underway in partnership with relevant authorities. This includes blocking off the falls so that only adventure activities, such as a brand-new bungee jump, Nile rafting, paddling, sunset cruises, and waterparks in
collaboration with ADRIFT, will have access to them.

By upgrading to a brand new site, Nyege Nyege is confident that it will be able to offer revelers a more comfortable and safe experience while putting Itanda on the map as one of East Africa’s most exciting tourism destinations. Moving into a site 5 times the size of the Nile Discovery Beach will give Nyege Nyege a unique opportunity to further expand on art installations, mind blowing stage design
and visual shows bringing both the forest, the Nile and the falls to life at night.

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This years edition will also mark the official opening of Nyegeville, a city within the festival where revelers will be treated to 5-star camping and glamping facilities, including small lodges overlooking the Nile, experiential camping that will include everything from hot showers to morning yoga
classes, safe lockers and even a private beach. With Nyegeville the festival wants to emulate the biggest festivals in the world, giving people an on-site accommodation experience that will allow them to live the experience to the fullest.

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To solve the transport issue to the venue, the festival is partnering with TREEPZ to offer affordable and convenient transportation options from the airport, Kampala and Jinja to Itanda falls, making it an easy journey to the festival.



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