NSEKO BUSEKO: Madrat & Chiko Deliver an Unforgettable Night of Laughter


The UMA Multipurpose Hall came alive on July 7 as renowned comedians Madrat and Chiko hosted the fourth edition of their annual Nseko Buseko comedy show. The event, which loosely translates to “just for laughs,” kicked off with a spirited performance by Maestro Band, setting the stage for an evening of entertainment.

Taking to the stage at 9:40pm, the comic duo immediately captivated the audience with their hilarious jokes. The main guest of honor at this year’s event was Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Muhammed Nsereko. The show also featured exciting performances from popular artists such as Eddy Kenzo, Alien Skin, Geosteady, and Fun Factory.

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Wuhu Wuhu! Singer Alien Skin doing his thing on stage

Madrat and Chiko showcased their comedic prowess, delivering a top-notch performance that left the audience in stitches. Their refined jokes, skillful delivery, and exceptional stage presence provided a memorable experience for comedy enthusiasts. The duo expressed gratitude to the event sponsors for their invaluable support in bringing the show to life.


Following their main show, Madrat and Chiko have planned pop-up comedy performances at various venues, ensuring that their humor continues to entertain audiences across different locations.

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Apass was part of the many revelers in the audience

The UMA Multipurpose Hall was filled to capacity, demonstrating the unwavering popularity of Madrat and Chiko among comedy fans. The duo, who have been performing together for the past nine years, displayed their undeniable chemistry on stage, exchanging witty jibes that reminded their dedicated fans of their humble beginnings.

In contrast to some comedians who rely on vulgar language for entertainment, Madrat and Chiko’s jokes were clean, yet engaging, as they involved the audience in their comedic narratives. Their repertoire included playful banter about each other’s appearances, tackling current public interest topics such as DNA testing, societal inequalities, and people’s behavior in different situations.

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The comedy duo on stage

A highlight of the evening was their collaboration with members of Fun Factory, as they presented a skit involving prominent figures in Uganda’s political landscape, evoking laughter and applause from the crowd.

While comedy took center stage, the audience was also treated to captivating musical performances by Eddy Kenzo, Geosteady, Pr Wilson Bugembe, and Alien Skin. Additionally, young musician Champion Gudo received an outpouring of cash tips from enthusiastic revellers.

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Aly Allibhai – Talent Africa Group Boss enjoying the show

Nseko Buseko Season four was successfully organized by Talent Africa Group, with Nation Media’s NTV-Uganda serving as one of the key sponsors. The event showcased the power of comedy to unite people in laughter, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating future endeavors from Madrat and Chiko.

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