National Culture Forum speaks out on Canceled UMA Elections!


National Culture Forum ( NCF ) has come out to speak about the Monday Election of the Uganda Musicians Association that went sour shortly before it got canceled.

Via their official Twitter handle, the apex body for all all Associations and Federations in the Arts, Culture and Creative Industry of Uganda said that as a body, they are standing with all the members of UMA Countrywide. They further revealed that they are in consultations with the UMA Electoral Committee & their Policy Board. They are hopeful that the results of these consultations will bear fruit which will further strengthen the music industry!

After the Elections being abruptly stopped, many questions were tabled to UMA. Since UMA subscribes to NCF as a musicians Association, the general public awaited their NCF superiors to hold them accountable. Prior to the Elections, NCF extended support of Ten Million Shillings ( Shs. 10,000,000 ) to the musicians Association Electoral body to help them in running the election.


At this point, the major questions are, Can UMA still manage their own election or they need an external hand? With the cancelation of this election, whats next ? Where does this leave the candidates? and above it all, what exactly went wrong that led to the cancelation of the elections!

Answers to these questions and more are what the general musicians fraternity and public awaits from the consultations NCF is set to hold with their top most Association!



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