NAMBI: A Dance Theater Production Celebrates Women’s Empowerment & a Better Lifestyle


Nambi, an empowering dance theater production known as “The African Shield Maidens,” is set to take the stage, celebrating the strength and contributions of women while challenging traditional gender roles. Led by choreographer Lillian Nabaggala, the production showcases the remarkable stories of influential women from ancient times, encouraging women to embrace their power and strive for a better lifestyle.

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With the aim of inspiring audiences, Nambi sheds light on the significant historical figures who defied societal expectations. The performance features talented dancers Kawesa Sharlot, Natabi Salam, Nambooze Haula, and Nakato Rachael, who bring to life the extraordinary tales of women such as Ya Asnataawa, Nzinga of Angola, Ahosi Mino, Amanirenus, and Queen Sheba. These women left indelible marks on their societies through their leadership, warrior skills, and entrepreneurship.

At the heart of Nambi lies the captivating narrative of the first female on Earth, believed to be Nambi in Buganda, Uganda. The production celebrates Uganda’s cultural heritage and encourages women to stand tall, regardless of their backgrounds, embracing their inherent strength and resilience.

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Nambi also acknowledges the vital roles played by women in Ugandan society, showcasing influential queens like Nagginda Sylvia of Buganda and Bestie Kemigisha of Toro. Additionally, it recognizes the everyday heroes, including women who sell Mandazi on the streets to provide for their families, and those who have ventured to countries like the United Arab Emirates with determination and resilience, seeking better opportunities for their loved ones.

Originally created in 2017 with three dancers, Nambi has evolved into a larger production featuring five exceptionally talented performers. In 2019, a dance short film capturing the essence of the piece was produced. Now, in collaboration with Batalo East and choreographer Lillian Nabaggala, Nambi is ready to be presented as a full one-hour dance production at the Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC) from August 25th to 27th, 2023.

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The three-day event will include five shows, scheduled as follows: one show on Friday, August 25th at 7 pm, two shows on Saturday, August 26th at 3 pm and 7 pm respectively, and two shows on Sunday, August 27th at 3 pm and 7 pm. Audiences can expect an immersive and captivating experience, where the art of dance becomes a medium to inspire and encourage a better lifestyle.

Nambi aims to uplift and empower women, showcasing their resilience, leadership, and contributions throughout history. Through the power of dance, this production aspires to inspire audiences to embrace their inner strength and pursue a fulfilling and empowered life.

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