Maureen Nantume Urges Female Musicians To Prioritize Music Careers Over Early Motherhood.


Renowned singer Maureen Nantume, drawing from her own experience as a young mother in the music industry, has delivered a compelling message to aspiring female musicians. In a recent media address, Nantume emphasized the crucial need for unwavering dedication to thrive in the competitive world of music, cautioning against the challenges of balancing motherhood with a burgeoning music career.

The talented artist shared insights into the clash between the demands of being a mother and the pursuit of musical success, shedding light on the difficulties of striking a harmonious balance between the two roles. Nantume stressed that the combination of motherhood and a music career can prove overwhelming, potentially leading to neglect of one’s children or a compromise in the quality of their musical endeavors.

Nantume further underscored the significance of establishing a robust foundation in the music industry before venturing into motherhood. Her advice encourages young musicians to focus on honing their skills, building their brand, and gaining industry recognition before embracing the additional responsibilities of raising a child.

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Crucially, Nantume clarified that her guidance is not intended to dissuade aspiring musicians from embracing motherhood altogether. Instead, she advocates for a strategic approach, urging them to prioritize their music careers during the early stages, ensuring a solid foundation before taking on the added responsibilities of parenting.



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