King Saha serves Epic Performance as he Returned to Stage in London


After close to a 2 months hiatus without stage performances due to an illness that needed him to have a performance break,  Kingslove Entertainment boss King Saha finally returned to his office over the weekend.

Saha, made his debut stage performance after recovery at the Royal Regency in North London at the famous Love Fest.

While here, the vocal king served his fans with an epic performance that lived to their Billing.

Being a love month with a few days away from Valentines, Saha whose long music catalogue comprises of mostly love ballads sang out all the love leaving his fans yearning for more even when he served the best.


He performed most of his top notch ballads from Back in the day all through to his previous projects, notable all through his performance was the fact that his fans kept singing along to the lyrics of all his songs he performed.

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King Saha & Winnie Nwagi at Royal Regency in London

His performance was further spiced when Winnie Nwagi joined him on stage to perform their timeless classic collaboration “Science“. While at it, they did all the science they sang about in the song on stage leaving fans mesmerized and tantalize!

Organized by JF Solutions, the London Love Fest happens very February and aims at getting people together as they celebrate those close to their hearts in the month of love as they vibe to great music Performances.

For King Saha, this is not the first time he’s performing at this Fest, it should be remembered that  the same “Zakayo” singer serenaded revellers at the same venue and same show – it’s no doubt they chose to invite him back this time round again.

After his performance, Saha took to his social media platforms and thanked his London fans for the unending support.

“THANKYOU LONDON. The crowd was amazing. Eyali Omulwadde Asambagala” he posted!

With his current back to the feet situation, we can Authoritatively confirm that upon return to Uganda soon, discussions into when his concert that was canceled due to his illness will be happening!

Over to you Saha and your management.



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