Key Talking Points from BobiWine’s Weekend Address


Over the weekend, Bobiwine in his capacity as a musician addressed the media at his Busaabala based One Love Beach.

While there, a host of Journalists and bloggers had one on ones with the Ghetto Gladiator and Head of Firebase Crew.

Below are some of the excerpts

On his New Song Nalumansi….


Undoubtedly although not officially, the meet up aimed at addressing the mixed reactions and feelings associated with his newly outed song Nalumansi!

Dropped after a long musical drought, Nalumansi is a Parable with many people relating it with various nemesis’s of Bobi.

He however explained that Nalumansi required alot of intellectual proficiency for one to appreciate it.

“Nalumansi only justifies quality Artistry” he says adding that its never a problem of the artiste for singing something people don’t understand and no fan has been arrested before for being deficient in song interpretation.

He urged that the song is a love song however, anyone its shoes fits should wear it.

On Nalumansi Critics……

Upon release, many netizens largely appreciated the songs lyrical content and trashing its production in same measure.

Termed lackluster piece of art coming from an artiste once synonymous with hits, many said Sir Dan Magic, its producer didn’t do justice to the song.

Bobi However explained that most of those criticizing the song are his fans in denial consumed by negativity, masquerading as critics.

He added that the song critics aimed at triggering him by their opinions howler unlike Dan Magic, he’s no longer triggered by people’s opinions.

“Iam past that” he said throwing the microphone to Dan Magic who added his voice putting question marks on why the Song critics have been the same past critics of BobiWine and his past music. “Their agenda is different, they just hide in critiquing our works” he said.

On the TOP 3 Supremacy….

He explained that the talk about him, Chameleon and Bebecool is aimed at blocking new generation artistes to break through to the top. He trashed it asking why they even add him among the top 3.

“This top 3 supremacy talk is unnecessary and uncalled for. There are many young artistes doing the Most. They need chance” he said adding that he shouldn’t even be included in that cheap talk of top 3.

On his Rivals Bebe Cool & Chameleon….

The main question in this regard was why Bobi didn’t show up at Chameleone’s concert. He explained that he would not be in the same proximity with his abusers – “The Museveni supporters and Muhoozi Project Supoorters”. He however cleared air on his consolation towards Chameleone when his concert stage fell.

On them being better than him musically, Bobi noted that his 2 old time friends can only claim supremacy over him because he is barred by the government of Uganda from performing reasoning that its the reason he currently gives music less time.

He added that he has forever been better than both of them in all aspects, just like he sang in his 2009 single kataala. He said he’s better than them Academically, musically, financially among other aspects!

On His Friendship with Fellow Artists….

Bobiwine said his still the same comrade with fellow artistes. He however noted that what beats his mind is the ideology of his colleagues taking turns on him because he has not helped them.

He says that they too, have not come out to add their voices on his 5 years now since he was barred from singing. “Why do they seek my help when they haven’t helped me either?” He questioned.

He further explained that he is far off with his artiste colleagues that openly tell him they fear associating with his new identity as a politician than those that keep sour-graping.

He pointed out his friends like Chagga and Peter Miles who openly told him they want to be his friends on a low buy won’t associate with his other political life because they fear it – he says he understood them and they are good.

On Elongated Musical Silence….

Bobi said he is now more busy with National works of liberating the Country. He however promised to release some more music this year.



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