Kenzo desperate for a picture with Cindy


Besides failing to convince all the stakeholders on how the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) spearheaded the fight for the copyright law, musician Eddy Kenzo, the president of the federation has also failed to prove that the Uganda Musician’s Association (UMA), under the leadership of Cindy Sanyu has a strong connection with the UNMF.

The federation and the association have shared meetings on different occasions with the intention of the former swallowing the latter but the meetings have not been fruitful.

And now, according to a close source, Eddy Kenzo wants to forge the relationship with just a picture of the two of them and Cindy seems to be intentionally avoiding the picture moment as this website has keenly observed.

After their meeting at the Latitude hotel, Kenzo asked Cindy for a picture and she refused. The second incident was during king saha’s concert when Eddy Kenzo paid for a table and asked Cindy to join. she still refused and said they, (she and friends) could afford one.

The third incident happened yesterday at Protea Hotel Marriott Kampala Skyz at the blue three reunion show.  picture moments happened but cindy made sure there was no picture of her and the federation president.



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