Kenyan Singer Wyre Speakers Out Why East African Bashment Crew Reunion Is Delayed.


In 2004, the East African Bashment Crew, featuring Bebe Cool (Uganda) and Necessary Noize members Wyre and Nazizi (Kenya), delivered hit songs like “Fire Anthem,” “Kube,” and “Combination.” The group disbanded as members pursued solo careers, leaving fans longing for a reunion.

During a recent visit to Uganda, Wyre expressed optimism about a potential reunion, emphasizing their shared interest. However, logistical challenges stemming from the members’ hectic schedules, with Bebe Cool and Wyre frequently on music tours and Nazizi focused on her radio career, have hindered immediate plans.

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Despite the hurdles, Wyre assured fans that a reunion is plausible when schedules align, encouraging them not to dismiss the possibility. He acknowledged the difficulty of coordinating due to their commitments but affirmed that they haven’t ruled out a comeback project.

“It has been a challenge linking up. We keep in touch but due to people’s commitments; It’s either Bebe (Cool) is on tour, or I’m on tour, or Naz (Nazizi) has also been busy with radio coz she is a Radio host, so linking up to actually do the recording had been a challenge but we never rule it out. If time allows we are definitely gonna do a comeback project,” said Wyre



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