Kenneth Mugabi Mesmerizes Fans With His Creativity At Jameson And Friends Mapenzi Edition.


Kenneth Mugabi, known for his passionate stage presence, took center stage at the Jameson and Friends Mapenzi edition on Saturday evening at Design Hub, delivering an unforgettable performance to a captivated audience.

Despite being renowned for his guitar performances, Mugabi showcased his versatility by opting for a tube fiddle, adding a distinctive touch to his soulful hits such as ‘Nkwegomba,’ ‘Oliwange,’ ‘Naki,’ ‘Sanyu,’ and ‘Under Wraps.’ The headlining act left the attendees in awe of his infectious melodies.

The event, organized by Talent Africa, provided an evening of bonding and connection for friends, featuring Akeine’s outstanding performance with hits like ‘Nina’ and ‘Onina.’ The night also saw DJ Kasbaby and Alfonkodee enthralling the audience with seamless transitions.

Beginning at 4:00 pm, the Jameson and Friends event offered a variety of activities, including performances, games like Jenga, mini-golf, pool table, Matatu, and more. DJ Tony set the tone, followed by Hibotep’s energetic performance, and DJ Alza’s powerful mix, keeping the crowd engaged.

Soccer enthusiasts enjoyed the Manchester and Arsenal matches while indulging in free haircuts and light conversations over complimentary Jameson cocktails. Attendees savored barbeque from the Meat Guy, and gaming enthusiasts bonded over video games, making the event a well-rounded and entertaining experience.



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