KAPA CAT: A relationship is Real if you can Poop & Fart around your Man!


Singer Kapa Cat left Netizen’s dying of laughter when she said that if she could not use the toilet Infront of her partner, then the relationship was surely not serious enough. According to her, for a relationship to be serious, there needs to be freedom to be able to so everything she wants to do around her man.

During a Live Facebook conversation with radio hosts Robina Mbabazi Mulera, also known as Bina Baibe, and Doreen Nasasira, she said she would be okay with using the toilet, even a number two even with her boyfriend around after she was asked if she would use the toilet in her boyfriend’s presence.

“I do anything around my man if I’m comfortable…..why wouldn’t I? You think he doesn’t know that you use the toilet.” Kapa Cat said

The ‘Sifayo’ singer assured the radio personalities that she is uninhibited when the connection with her partner is strong. This is because she feels safe and comfortable enough around him to do even the unthinkable.


“Why suffer? I’m someone who is always free in a relationship… I’ll go use the toilet. If he is uncomfortable, I tell him to leave the room. Does he shit gold?” Kapa continued

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Kapa Cat

She was also asked if farting was okay to which she mentioned that sometimes it gets too hard to hold in the fart and you have to let it go somehow( very legendary). Kapa Cat mentioned that it is unhealthy for a person to hold the fart in so it would be safer to just release it there and then.

“sometimes it’s too much and yet it is unhealthy to keep it in so you have to just r else it.” She said

The singer went on to say that  If you can’t do it in front of your partner, it shows there is a missing connection. Because why would you shy away from doing things which everyone knows are done yet your with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?



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