Jude Mugerwa distances self from Born In Africa producer credits


Music producer Jude Mugerwa has distanced himself from the producer credits given by singer Eddy Kenzo on Born In Africa remake.
Jude mugerwa is a well known producer and sound Engineer.

Speaking to Spinners, Jude said he is only responsible for recording the band because after that, he never received information about the progress of the project.

“He came with the project with his band and we recorded the band. It was a live recording session with a keyboardist and they played very well. So, I recorded Kenzo’s band but I did not record Kenzo’s voice. He only did a demo voice to connect with the band,” Jude said

“He told me that he would record at his studio so I gave him the raw files. Kenzo promised to return the files for mixing. I gave him the files and I don’t know the content of the song because I have never listened to it since then. I don’t know who mixed down the work, I don’t know who mastered the work,” he added

He further advised that It is not right to give credit to someone who doesn’t deserve it, citing it is a reason why responsible artists give credit to every contributor on their albums.

“They credit who did the bass guitar, solo guitar, the studio where it was recorded, the mixer and the person who mastered because those things defer so I think it had to be disseminated properly,” he said



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