ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK: Mr Henrie on his video about Bleaching Women!


Following an in incident at the Rolex Festival over the weekend where Mr Henrie commented about women that Bleach in relation to their bed performance, the radio presenter has come out to clear the air on what was behind his move.

“A Woman that bleaches isn’t sweet in bed. Isnt it ? Am I lieing?” He said on stage!

Contrary to what the public took his sentiment for, Henrie said that they were not aimed at anyone. The public took his say as one aimed at his ex-lover Prima Kardash simply because the “Dress fit her” ! The beautician has many times come out to pride in bleaching.


According to Henrie, it was a vibe and the video making rounds was cut out of a longer clip and the public drew it out context. Speaking during his mid morning show on Galaxy FM, the dreadlocked presenter further apologized for all those that were hurt by his sentiment but it wasn’t aimed at hurting peoples feelings.



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