I will Never Date A Celebrity Again – MOMO 19


Naluwooza Mariam popularly known as Momo19, the estranged wife of singer Daxx Kartel has vowed to never date a celebrity again. The former BBS TV presenter added that if by any chance she doesn’t get back with the singer, her relationships in the limelight will be over.

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Momo19 also said that her relationship with Daxx Kartel failed because of witchcraft. She further blamed Daxx Kartel’s manager for wanting to interfere in their private affairs. Momo19 however said that she was given a second chance by God. The former BBS TV presenter said that she was depressed by the time she left the Baala singer. She therefore forgave all those that wronged her.

“By any chance if we don’t get back together with Daxx Kartel, I will never date a celebrity again. On getting back with Daxx Kartel, never say never. However witchcraft was part of the reason we broke up at first, even our company that we started failed due to witchcraft.” “Daxx Kartel’s manager wanted to dictate our private life and I couldn’t stay silent about it. I was so depressed by the time I left Daxx Kartel because things were tough,” Momo19 said in an interview with Sanyuka TV.

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She also clarified on the rumors that linked her to faded socialite Bryan White. Momo19 said that there was nothing between them and they were simply business partners. Apparently, Momo19 a few days ago revealed how some jealous people bewitched her marriage to the singer. She almost ran mad but was saved by a business partner in the diaspora.

She and Daxx Kartel are giving hints of getting back together. It’s even said that the two will be walking down the aisle soon much to the delight of their fans.



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