” I Regret Not Playing Basketball” Says Maurice Kirya


Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Humanitarian Maurice Kirya regrets the opportunity he squandered to learn to play basketball at a young age.

Sharing his story, Maurice Kirya explained that as he was growing up, he used to escort Vampino to play basketball at the ghetto-est courts in Makindye.

He, however, lost interest since the boys he tried out with were always playing rough, coupled with falling, getting bruised, and scratched, he thus stopped going with him to play basketball.

Years down the road, Maurice Kirya yet again fell in love with combat sports and hence decided to try out different sports disciplines including Kickboxing, capoeira, boxing, and the most recent one being Judo.

Having tried and tasted the above-mentioned sports disciplines, Maurice has finally come to realize that the mentioned sports are rougher than basketball, and his passion for learning the game is back.

The “Omwooyo” singer is now looking forward to seriously learning the game and is looking for a basketball coach, preferably a female teacher.


He adds that sometime he joined rugby and now he believes he is brave enough to play basketball.

I need to learn how to play basketball, I should have never given up, hear me out.

When I was a young boy, Vampino always took me to the ghetto-est basketball courts in Makindye, those boys were rough, after me getting many falls, bruises and scratches, I stopped going with him because, well, if you know my brother, then you know he was too ghetto. Now I realise, that’s how it was gonna go if I was ever gonna learn the sport, so I missed out. Many years later, I fell in love with combat sports, so I joined Kickboxing, then capoeira , then boxing and most recently, Judo,…but these sports are rougher than basketball, why was it so easy for me to give up on BALL? I guess I AM braver and have more HEART than when Vampino tried to teach how to play BALL! Speaking of BALL,… I almost joined rugby but I thought the shorts were too ”short”. I had the fear of my jewels falling out of the shorts and cracking, it drove me nuts, yes, pun intended, clearly I’m getting derailed from the intended gist of this post, so I must keep the eye on the ball,…OH DEAR. What I want to say is, I need a basketball teacher, preferably a lady,” Maurice Kirya



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