How it Went Down at the Legends of Sound Concert


The Legends of Sound concert held at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel Gardens on Saturday, August 5, featuring Afrigo Band was a night filled with music and excitement.
The event kicked off at 7:00pm, starting with opening acts by Mesach Semakula and Ragga Dee.

The elegantly-dressed Afrigo Band took the stage at 8:20pm amid a stunning fireworks display. Their performance began with popular songs like Abaana ba Afrigo, Emmere Esilide, Mundeke by Joanita Kawalya, Emaali by Bugweri Woman MP Racheal Magoola, and Wololo.

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Congolese musician Awilo Longomba 1024x1536 1

The event was expertly hosted by Abbey Mukiibi, a veteran media personality. After a break at 9:30pm, the chief guest performer, Congolese musician Awilo Longomba, took the stage at 9:40pm.

Awilo’s lively performance, backed by Ugandan dancers and the Afrigo live band, delighted the crowd. He praised Afrigo Band’s skills and experience and expressed his joy in performing with a local band for the first time.

Eddy Yawe followed Awilo at 10:00 pm singing hits like Mukayembe and Tukiggale. Rachael Magoola returned to the stage, getting the audience excited with her hit song, Obangaina.

IMG 20230808 WA0011

DJ Alberto took over at 10:30pm, playing a mix of old school tunes. Afrigo Band made their final appearance at 10:45pm, delivering a captivating session featuring classic hits like Taliyo, Mpedembe, Music, and Speed.
The concert peaked with their iconic hit Jim, performed alongside Awilo.

At 11:47pm, a surprise act Jose Chameleone took ti stage. He wowed the audience with performances of his songs such as Wale Wale, Kipepeo, and Mama Rhoda, concluding the show at precisely 11:55pm. The concert aimed to celebrate Afrigo Band’s impressive 48-year journey in the music industry.

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Unlike typical concerts, this event saw a smaller turnout of flashy individuals, with the majority of attendees coming for the music. The crowd was fantastic, including notable figures like musician Juliana Kanyomozi.



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