Gravity Omutujju Reignites Feud With Bobi Wine, Sparks Social Media Controversy.


Gravity Omutujju Reignites Feud With Bobi Wine, Sparks Social Media Controversy

Ugandan rapper Gereson Wabuyi, known as Gravity Omutujju, recently rekindled his feud with fellow musician and politician Bobi Wine, addressing the ongoing tensions in an interview with Spark TV. During the conversation, Gravity Omutujju subtly criticized Bobi Wine, urging him to translate his words into actions and embody the principles he advocates.

The catalyst for this exchange was Bobi Wine’s recent comments claiming that members of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) had misappropriated 13 billion from the government, funds intended for the construction of hospitals to benefit local communities.

Responding to Bobi Wine’s accusations during a public event, Gravity Omutujju didn’t mince his words. He challenged Bobi Wine to demonstrate true leadership by utilizing the funds he receives as the leader of the opposition to spearhead the construction of much-needed hospitals, emphasizing that actions speak louder than words.

However, the aftermath of Gravity Omutujju’s remarks has seen a wave of social media backlash. Some individuals have gone to the extent of including his mother in the online discourse, condemning him for targeting Bobi Wine. Concurrently, there are voices cautioning against insulting anyone’s mother, deeming it inappropriate in the context of the disagreement.


This development adds another layer to the ongoing public exchange between Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine, sparking debates and discussions within Ugandan social media circles.



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