Graduates empowered at the fourth graduation of AIC


The third Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Rukia Nakadama, has challenged graduates across the country to become job creators and public servants who prioritize sympathy.

She said this at the fourth graduation ceremony of Al-Mustafa Islamic College (AIC in Kyengera, Wakiso district, which took place on Thursday (Today). A total of 200 graduates received diplomas in 20 disciplines at the ceremony themed: “Employability among the Youth through Vocational Skilling.”

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Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister without portfolio of the Republic of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Hajjat Rukia Isanga Nakadama

“You need to serve your clients and the community with humility, passion, and gratitude. You should seek and learn for more knowledge, keep learning, and adapting to stay relevant to the labor market demands. You need to uphold high ethical standards, be responsible, respectful, self-reliant, and operate with integrity,” she emphasized.

“I will say that the sky’s the limit, considering the fact that the majority of you are still young and energetic. Use the critical thinking, digital literacy, and communication skills honed at Al-Mustafa Islamic College to make a significant contribution. Embrace innovation and apply these skills to solve problems,” she added.

The Iranian Ambassador, Mr. Majid Saffar, advised the fresh graduates to exercise their duties as bridges between cultures, as their role in shaping the future is crucial.

“Your education at this college has prepared you not only to excel in your careers but also to be advocates for tolerance, understanding, and justice. It is crucial that you use your knowledge and experience to bridge gaps, foster dialogue, and work towards solutions that promote peace and respect for all people,” he said.


“As we honor your accomplishments, let us recognize that education is not a solitary pursuit; it is a collective endeavor that transcends borders and cultures,” he added.

Dr. Rouhollah Dehghani, the Principal of Al-Mustafa Islamic College, noted that this year’s graduation is not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of the graduates but also a reflection of the College’s commitment to providing high-value training and education.

The Chairman of the Governing Council, Prof. Hyderi Abidi, emphasized commitment in working with other institutions in terms of partnerships and academic cooperations to increase research and the generation of new knowledge in the industrial revolution. He also challenged graduates to continue to other levels of interest in order to fit into the contemporary world.

Dr. John Mutekanga Ssalongo, the Assistant Commissioner of the Ministry of Education and Sports, highlighted the need for vocational skills since Uganda is predominantly an agricultural country.

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Special Guest: Hojatul-Islam Syed Hamid Jazayeri, Vice president of Education at Al-Mustafa International University, Iran

Hojatul-Islam Syed Hamid Jazayeri, Vice president of Education at Al-Mustafa International University, Iran, explained that the world today needs spiritual civilization to avoid brutality against humanity. Brutalities like the tragedy of Gaza genocide have awakened nations.

He rallied students to always participate in the development of their nations through acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills that shape the status quo of society.



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