Grace Khan Unleashes Shocking Claim About Prince Omar In Leaked Audio


Singers Grace Khan and Prince Omar’s relationship takes a dramatic turn.

After a recent public display of affection and acceptance of paternity, Prince Omar’s parents intervene, vehemently opposing the relationship and planning to send him abroad for studies.

They made it clear that Grace Khan is not welcomed as their daughter-in-law and have no intention of seeing them together. In response to the family’s disapproval, Grace Khan expresses frustration and makes shocking claims about Prince Omar’s behavior in a leaked audio.

In the audio, Grace Khan passionately speaks out, describing Prince Omar as evil and accusing him of teeth grinding at night, among other unsettling behaviors.

The couple’s love story has been full of ups and downs, with past denials and a brief reunion after a DNA test confirmed paternity. However, with Prince Omar’s family openly disapproving of their affair, their passionate relationship faces uncertain times, leaving fans wondering if they will overcome these new obstacles.



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