Gabbie Ntaate trashes rumor of her affair with Pastor Wilson Bugembe.


Early this year, there was rumor that Pastor Wilson Bugembe was soon to show the whole World the lady he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with. There were many speculations as to who it could be but no one had a definite answer about Pastor Bugembe’s rib.

He also did not bother with explaining to the media in detail about this rumor and when asked whether he truly was finally in a relationship, he disappointed his sheep by saying he was only in a relationship with God and was not settling any time soon. Following his Instagram, he however posted a picture of himself carrying a bouquet of flowers with a sweet caption, all signs pointing to relationship which he still denied on many local television interviews.

Spark TV's Gabie Ntaate admits to having had sex for money

Recently, Pastor Bugembe was said to be involved in a romantic relationship with fellow gospel singer Gabbie Ntaate. Even amidst this rumor with the two being spotted together countless times, Pastor Bugembe did not come out to deny these claims. Gabbie Ntaate has however failed to sit back and watch the rumor grow as she has come out to proclaim that she and the pastor are only friends and are not involved with each other romantically. During a Tik Tok video, she passed the message to all her fans, clearing her name off the list of possible suitors of Pastor Bugembe.

“Guys Pastor Bugembe is just my friend and I want you to start respecting that fact, there is nothing like a love affair. Please stop crossing boundaries,” GaBbie Ntaate said in a Tik Tok video posted online. 



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