Female Singer Kerry Wise To Make Strides With Her Latest Afro Pop EP, “THE PLAYLIST”


If you are someone who appreciates music that touches your soul and carries an African vibe, then Kerry Wise, who is uganda’s budding Afro dancehall female singer, has a treat for you with ‘The Playlist EP‘. Under the watch of Orietage Entertainment, She emerges as the future custodian of Ugandan good music, a female talent worth paying attention to.

Infused with soulful vocals, wit, and captivating melodies, this body of work weaves tales of love and emotions on track 1, 2, 4 and with track 3 and 5 setting the mood for a dance party.

Stream it here: https://ffm.to/theplaylistep

The EP, consisting of five multi-genre tracks, showcases Kerry Wise’s signature Afro pop style and her unique approach to music, blending urban African flavors with dancehall grooves and infectious rhymes.

The opening track, ‘Talanta’, is a delightful mid-tempo Zouk inspired piece where she expresses her love feeling to the man of her life. The song is adorned with beautiful lead and bass guitar feel that effortlessly draw you in, setting the stage for the rest of the tracks on the EP.

Money” follows suit with production crafted by Pyret Beats. This groovy love song will daze and dazzle you into the woes and extremes of love and relationships. She tells how love knows no boundaries. “Come To Mummy” which comes as track 3 off the Ep, is a captivating party theme with arresting chorus and sweet lyrics – On the song its basically her expressesing the universal yearning of everyone to love and be loved.

The last pair of tracks, “Leero” and “Mr.Dj” respectively, are proof that delightful content is is something that comes naturally to Orietage Entertainment signed act, Kerry Wise.


Every song in the EP is a treat for the ears, with Kerry Wise’s melodious and powerful vocals complemented by meaningful lyrics. This project is bound to solidify her position in the music industry as a force to be reckoned with.


Nakabwama Rizah, a gifted Ugandan female musician, goes by the stage name Kerry Wise, a name that reflects her wisdom and talent in the world of music.

Kerry Final
Singer Kerry Wise (Courtsey Photo)

From a tender age, she has been enraptured by the enchanting melodies of music, and her passion led her to become an integral part of school choirs. Her musical prowess caught the attention of Orietage Entertainment when she sought to record her music at Witpro records studio, and they recognized the immense potential within her.

Kerry’s versatile vocal abilities and artistic flair shine through in her various music styles, which include the enchanting zouk, the captivating afro beats, the soulful RnB, the lively dancehall, and many more. She has become a cherished artist under the renowned record label, Orietage Entertainment, where her talent is nurtured and celebrated.

Among her notable works are the soul-stirring single titled “Addicted,” which resonates with listeners on a profound level. Additionally, she joined forces with the esteemed DJ Shiru 256 Spin Doctor in a mesmerizing collaboration called “Kilamigino,” a piece that ignites a euphoric musical journey.

KerryWise’s musical journey is a testament to her dedication and passion, and her unique sound has garnered a loyal following of music enthusiasts. As she continues to grace the music industry with her artistry, there is no doubt that she will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of many



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