Exodus On Why He Underwent Depression


ospel musician Lubega George Timothy aka Exodus has opened up about his struggles with depression. The singer said that he lost a number of people that were his strongest pillars. These included his mother, his greatest supporter. Shortly after his mother passed away, his father also died. He was then left to deal with the world alone.

Most of the people he had counted on ranging from friends to relatives simply shunned him. He was also axed from his job at a certain NGO he had helped a lot to generate income. The Igwe singer revealed that he approached one person who needed to make a phone call for him. This would help him to retain his job but he refused. The only people in whom he found solace and comfort were his secular friends. And the way these comforted him was through boozing and smoking. This is how he trod down the path of depression.

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“I have been undergoing depression for the past 6 years. Lots of problems fell my way after my mother who was my biggest support system passed away. My father also died shortly after my mother died. I was then swept out from the NGO where I worked and helped to raise millions to look after kids. The people I had counted on and expected to help me such as friends and relatives simply turned me away. They ignored me and I was left to deal with the world alone. And I remember one gentleman I approached, all he needed to do for me was one phone call to restore my job but he ignored me. I felt the world come down crushing on me. I felt betrayed and the only people who comforted me were those in the secular world. Their way of comfort was however going to bars. We drank all types of alcohols and used all intoxicants. And thankfully if it wasn’t for them, I would be in rehab now,” the singer said.

Furthermore, he added that he’s now spent 6 months sober. The singer also maintained that he doesn’t feel like relapsing because the word of God fills that void. Exodus a few days ago while at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s concert cried as he asked everyone for forgiveness for all he had done. The singer even revealed that he had contemplated suicide.



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