DJ Nimrod & team Finally Released From Kitalya Prison, Sentenced To Community Service


Galaxy FM presenter DJ Nimrod was yesterday released from Kitalya prison where he had spent a few days. His release comes after court sentenced him to Community Service.

Police arrested the Evening Rush presenter at 911 bar along Salaama road for flouting the COVID-19 SOPs of curfew. Along with Nimrod was fellow Galaxy FM presenter Detacha Sakalaman and DJ Denno

Their arrest saw police arrest their boss Innocent Nahabwe too. Police however released Nahabwe later because he had only come to calm the situation when Police raided since he’s the owner of the bar.

Nimrod’s lawyer said that the radio presenter will start doing community service in Makindye for 3 hours.

“We are done with the process of getting them out of prison. We are only remaining with taking the papers to Kitalya and Kigo so that they release them. They will however have to carry out community service starting on Monday 22nd, the lawyer said.

Nimrod had rocked the entertainment circles this week especially with his arrest.


Community service seems the common punishment court is giving to those who break COVID-19 guidelines. Police also detained singer King Michael a few days ago and ordered him to do the same, community service.

As the nation awaits the President’s speech today about the COVID-19 status in the country, there is great optimism among Ugandans that he will relax some of the COVID-19 measures especially curfew.

This is after the country hit the vaccination target of 4.8million people.



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