Daniella Atim Denies Facebook Ownership.


Daniella Atim, former wife of Jose Chameleone, recently stirred up social media when she took to Instagram to clarify that she does not own a Facebook account. With over 44k followers, Atim emphasized her exclusive presence on Instagram, dismissing any other accounts as fake.

IMG 20240401 WA0161
A screenshot of the Facebook page that Daniella claims to be fake.

The revelation coincided with surprising information regarding Atim’s relocation to the U.S. and her status no longer being married to Jose Chameleone, contrary to previous public denials by Chameleone and his family.

Following Atim’s claims of Chameleone’s alleged neglect as a father, reports emerged of Chameleone’s apparent distress, with claims of tearful denials of the accusations.


MC Kats, a close associate of Chameleone, defended him on his show, citing evidence of substantial financial support provided to Atim monthly, contradicting her claims of being a single mother struggling to raise their five children alone in the U.S.

In a poignant Instagram post, Atim disclosed her struggles, alleging years of abuse and violence, which led to her seeking asylum in the U.S. with their children. Chameleone, however, refuted these allegations, citing efforts to provide for their family, including purchasing a car for their eldest son, Abba Marcus Mayanja.

Screenshot 20240402 085330
Daniella Atim poses with the children in the US after Easter mass.

Despite admitting to contributing to the marital strife, Chameleone maintained that decisions made regarding the family’s relocation were with their future in mind. The unfolding saga has sparked widespread discussion and controversy surrounding the couple’s relationship and its complexities.



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