Artists Oppose Controversial Alcohol Control Bill.


Artists appearing before the Parliamentary Committees on Health; Trade, Tourism and Industry yesterday opposed the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023. The Bill which aims at regulating the sale of alcohol was moved by Hon. Sarah Opendi, Woman MP for Tororo district.

The proposed legislation suggests severe penalties, including a 10-year jail term or a fine of UGX 20 million, for those selling alcohol before 5 pm or after 10 pm on working days.

Leaders from the artistic and entertainment community opposed the proposed legislation.

Renowned comedian Hannington Bugingo argued that the bill would cast a shadow of uncertainty over the creative industry, potentially leading to widespread unemployment. Bugingo, highlighted the significant contribution of the creative industry, which employs over a million young people, contributes over 3% annually to the economy, and influences the growth of related sectors such as telecommunications, broadcasting, tourism, and hospitality.


Bugingo stressed that the alcohol sector stands as the largest single employer of artists and performers, providing direct jobs such as brand ambassadors, models, advertising agents, visual artists, crafts, designers, vixens, and performers. Additionally, the sector indirectly engages artists through sponsorships of events, shows, concerts, and festivals.

The clash between the proposed bill and the entertainment industry underscores the broader debate surrounding the regulation of alcohol and its impact on both societal norms and economic sectors.



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