Anne Kansiime Has Confessed That She Failed To Graduate Due To Retakes In Two Course Units.


Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime has disclosed that she did not complete her university studies, contrary to widespread belief. Despite the assumption that she holds a degree in Social Sciences from Makerere University, the 36-year-old confessed that she fell short of graduating due to retakes in two course units.

In a recent interview, Kansiime candidly shared her experience, revealing that she had studied for three years but was unable to participate in the graduation ceremony due to the outstanding retakes. Instead of facing the situation head-on, she opted to deceive her family, convincing them not to attend the ceremony under the guise of it being a financial burden.

“My dad was all about saving money, so anything to do with skipping an event saved him a penny,” Kansiime remarked humorously.


Despite her unconventional approach to handling the situation, Kansiime remains unapologetic about her academic status, asserting that her success in the entertainment industry speaks for itself. With her career flourishing and her comedic prowess widely celebrated, she sees no need to dwell on her lack of a university degree.

“What matters is that I attended Makerere University, and my classmates can attest to that,” she stated confidently. “And let’s face it, I’m not planning to enter the political arena anytime soon. So, if I ever seek your votes, you have my permission not to vote for me!”



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