A Pass Explains Why He No Longer Works With Big Artists.


A Pass reveals why he no longer works with big artists, and he openly says that he doesn’t care about them anymore.

In his narrative, he explains the disappointments involved with working with artists who are already established.

He shared a past bad experience that arose from his collaboration with King Saha while he was still getting up his ladder in music.

He says that King Saha had paid him a visit while he worked on a particular song to which he showed interest and expressed his desire to collaborate.

Despite putting in effort and talent into creating a song together, King Saha showed no support in promoting the track which left A Pass feeling let down.


A Pass stresses the fact that big artists hold an unnecessary ego boost. As mature professionals, he expects them to work together and actively promote shared projects as a form of support.

I honestly don’t care about the big names. I am the big artist now helping the young and growing talent. I am investing my time, money, and energy to provide them with opportunities to rise up, too.



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