#FINALLY! Zari and Zahara Ttoto trash their beef, Toast to Friendship!


The public war between gossip Television personality Zahara Ttotto and Ugandan South African based socialite Zari Hassan must have come to an end now. The pair’s bitter online fights have lasted for years now however during Zari’s weekend party at Pearl of Africa hotel, the two were seen jolly and happily enjoying moments together. According to close sources, the two mended their relationship and put away their egos. Zahara went ahead to post a photo of her with Zari on her socials.


Zahara Totto while on her NBS uncut show attacked Zari with allegations that she fell down during a concert that was staged at Pearl of Africa hotel headlined by Nigerian singer Davido, and hosted by Zari herself. In her rant, Zahara claimed that Zari wanted to move away her late husband’s friends from a seat reserved for Davido , the guest performer. In the process, she fell down and got embarrassed. To Zahara, this was content for her UNCUT gossip show and she kept clinging onto the story something that prompted Zari to fire back in a revenging manner advised her to focus on reducing her huge belly and skin bleaching.

“Zahara Toto funa ku class, Sala ku kibuto. Fikisinga ne kala ezo ebili zolina. And oh, stop feeding people with lies about me. I don’t need your mention. Am already relevant,” She posted on her Instagram.



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