WHO IS DEV DAT? US Based Ugandan artist aiming at topping chats back home!

There are various Ugandans in the diaspora doing music, however very few breaks out and hit the home market. From that background, American based Ugandan artist Dev Dat wants to change that narrative by beating all odds to see to it that his music works well here even when he’s away.

Dev Dat, real name David Kateregga while speaking to this platform said that music is something inborn for him. Although Dev is an orphan with no parents, he’s a proud father. Currently managed by Media Personality Janny P, Dev Dat currently has a banger titled “Senorita”. The song has received a great share of airplay aswell as views and streams from YouTube and streaming platforms respectively.

Dev Kat

Over time with fast growth in the music business, Dev plans on returning to the Banana Republic of Uganda to hold a musical concert anytime before 2022 ends. Part of his dream is to work with artists like Sheebah Karungi and Jose Chameleone amongst others that he looks up to. On how he balances music and work in a foreign land, Dev had this to say.


In the US iam a full time employee, I work 40 hours a week that’s 4 days of 10 hours working shift. I then dedicate the remaining days and time to music.

Moving forward, Dev Dat is set to release a couple of jams set to see him dominate on the home chats. True to that, he’s set to release his latest project with a magical touch dubbed “Hakuna Matata”.



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