What’s it with Spice Diana, Star Gal EP & Gravity’s attack!

On Thursday night , songstress  Spice Diana unveiled her Star Gal EP in a celebrity fun filled highly attended event at Cubana Bar and Lounge.

Since the release of the musical project, one would think that the next phase of it all would be in relation to the music off the EP but unfortunately, its been a different story.

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Discussions are rotating around the unreal personality of Spice Diana and her manager Roger with other sections trashing the projects off the EP aswell as everything that went wrong at the unveiling event. Today, we throw more light on these 3 talking points from Spice Diana’s EP!

The Unreal Personality of Spice Diana & Manager Roger.

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Spice Diana and her manager Roger

This is a discussion that was ignited by Gravity Omutujju while on Galaxy FM on Friday, just a day after the EP release. While at it, Gravity was sharing his opinion on the divas’ reconciliation gesture with Sheebah during the EP unveiling, in his rant, the Tusimbudde singer said the act wasn’t in good faith because Spice Diana is very unreal aswell as a pretender.


He further termed the songstress and her manager as hypocrites who have bad manners and bad hearts that do not wish good things for fellow artists in the industry though they pretend a lot while in public.

Trashing the Songs off the EP

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Spice Diana is undoubtedly a musical star and true to that, she has a Rollercoaster of hits to her name over the years. The songs off her recently released EP have however been trashed down the bin by various people claiming that the EP was only overly hyped but no work was done.

The big questions at this point are, Is there a problem?, if so, where could the Problem be?, Is it that the public is rushing into judgement and they should give the songs time to move? Unlike the past years where she has had a major hit by mid year, for 2022, Spice Diana has not had that mega hit yet. Could she have been under pressure while compiling the songs on the EP?

The EP consists of 6 songs 2 of which are collaborations, “Emergency” featuring Jose Chameleone and “Bwotyo” featuring Daddy Andre and JohnBlaq. Speaking to one of the music radio show presenters who proffered anonymity, she had this to say, “Its very rare for Chameleone to offer someone a collaboration and it doesn’t work out but this one with Spice isn’t going anywhere” she said!

Could the Problem be with the new songwriters and producers Spice Diana worked with on this EP that were not familiar with her touch?, but still there are others like Daddy Andre and Nince Henry on the same EP who have previously worked with the songstress on big projects both in writing and production. In many instances, artist managers also help their artists in spotting good songs to be released at particular times, could it be that Manager Roger doesn’t have a musical ear or he didn’t give the EP the  necessary attention it needed.

All that said, we can’t rule out the fact that all the sentiments sent out onto the songs off this EP came in soo fast. How about we give the songs time to grow and see if we shall have some relatively great songs on it!

What went Right & Wrong at the EP unveiling Party?

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Spice Diana performing at her EP unveiling event

Despite happening at a relatively less known venue Cubana Bar and Lounge in Munyonyo on a Thursday, which is rare weekday for an event of a kind, Spice Diana managed to pull it off. The event came off as a Re-Union for a big number of the big dogs in the Ugandan music industry.

In attendance was Bebecool, Juliana Kanyomozi, Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo, Halima Namakula, Sophie & Sam Gombya, Sheebah Karungi, Hellen Lukoma, Winnie Nwagi, King Saha, Ykee Benda among many others. This must have been the fist event to have a big number of artists coming out to show love for another artist, this was a win for Spice Diana.

Important to note too is the fact that, Spice Diana managed to have the Katikkiro of Buganda, Owekitiibwa Charles Peter Mayiga as the guest of honor at such a seemingly mini musical event, his presence made it a big major event. The biggest highlight in the social scene was the point where Sheebah and Diana reconciled. Although they claimed nothing was between them, it was public secret that the two had a silent beef.

As they say, everything nice has a flow, what must have been the biggest and most crucial part of this event was undermined. Listening to songs off the EP could have come first when the audience could still be commanded, it however came after Spice Diana performing when the entire audience was disorganized and rowdy. It was a point where the shine had shifted from Spice Diana to other stars in the audience who kept taking moving up and down hence grabbing the attention of other revelers and the media.

The disorganization didn’t let the audience critically listen to the songs off the EP when they were being premiered, above it all, the sound was not the very best for a music unveiling show.



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