What makes Sheebah Karungi have thick skin

Sheebah Karungi

Musician Sheebah Karungi is one of those entertainers with a grass to grace story.

It is also known that her fame and success is not something she has because she is a woman but because she is a hard worker.

Having dropped out of school in senior one at Midland high school Kawempe, Sheebah has always been telling everyone who cares to listen that she dropped out because she was tired of seeing her mother toiling and frustrated with five children whose fathers were alive and kicking.

world over, last born children are always pampered and are known to behave in a weird annoying way. However, for a few babies like Sheebah, it has always been a different story.

“I am the last born of five children. I am the last born but actually, I feel like the first born. I have never felt like the last born. Took over responsibilities at 14 years. I Left home at 14 and joined the streets,” she said during an Interview on Mwasuze Mutya on Friday.

She revealed that she took on responsibilities that were meant for her elder siblings.

It should also not be doubted that a child needs both parents love to grow but as for Samali, she has never felt the love of a father. She said that she doesn’t know a father’s role in a child’s life.


Sheebah is religiously unaffiliated so she makes all her decisions and lives her life without taking on any person’s opinion. She however says that she has a strong relationship with God.

“I talk to my God many times, more than any person can imagine I am not whatever my father is, I am what my mother is,” she explained

Because she quit school early and yet wanted to be a star, Sheebah said she had to had to watch a lot of movies especially those where women are the lead characters the movies taught her to communicate eloquently in English.

She doesn’t love favors and all she has, she has worked for it.

It takes alot of faith for one to make a multi-million investment. For Sheebah, it was her experience of lacking basic needs like pads that partly led to the invention of holic pads. She also explained that lacking pads crushed her confidence. It was Ronnie Mulindwa of the obsessions who helped her gradually build it.

Having survived in the industry for more than a decade, Sheebah has experienced alot of laughter and pain that comes with success. She explained that she was betrayed by the two people she trusted most.

“This career has given me deeper pain that I will talk about in future when I am more confortable. I have been betrayed by the people I trusted the most this year. I found about one of them a day before we were shooting muwomya. This year has been crazy for me. I cried more than any other year,” She said

Her need to fight for women’s rights also makes her aggressive and tough. She says her advocacy is not because of the estranged relationship she had with her late father but because she has seen her friends go through bad experienced because of men.

“A woman should be with a man because they want them not because they need a man to survive,” she believes



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