What Exactly Happened? Anita Fabiola Furiously Upset With Her Dad!


Everyone argues with their parents — that’s just part of growing up. But for some people, their fights turn into all-out feuds that can lead to estrangement and disownment. Family is complicated.

Anyone who has experienced a tense family gathering at the holidays knows that family drama is the worst kind of drama. Most of us, however, are not celebrities with fame and fortune thrown into the mix and these factors make celebs even more prone to complications with their relatives. Because these private and personal matters spill out into the public’s eye, it’s often hard to resolve things quietly if at all. Many relationships sour and the damage isn’t always easily fixable.

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Now socialite and TV show host and MC Anita Kyarimpa Fabiola and her biological father allegedly got involved in an acidic fight, trading words of insult. According to multiple Reports, Anita’s Father Mathias Mugisha shared multiple posts about his own kids including Anita Fabiola claiming that they disrespected him way too much despite his hard work and sacrifices. Distressed and agitated, Mugisha, a renowned professional photo journalist took to his face book
account on Tuesday and posted thus; “I have to end my suffering with this from my children and
their mentors”.

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Matthias Mugisha – Fabiola’ s Dad

Many of his shocked friends requested him to pray to God who will see him out of this precarious situation. By the time we went to press, Fabiola, her mother and siblings were set to engage their
father into a reconciliatory meeting. Mugisha’s comments arrived moments after viral circulating audio of Fabiola abusing her father, while spitting bitter words in Rukiga regretting why she had been born by such a lousy human being and how he sadly managed to give birth to her and her siblings. On the same call, Fabiola wondered how Mugisha could be her father while ranting about someone he allegedly beat to near coma.

Audio while Anita is Abusing her father. Credit: Kagwirawo media

It remains unclear who Mugisha thumped to pulp but whoever it was, Fabiola wasn’t happy about it. “You dog, you stupid coward, you are so stupid. You’ve beaten your child and put him in ICU, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so stupid? You stupid coward, you are such an idiot you dog”, Fabiola told dad via a phone call. “If I could vomit you, I would. You are so stupid, how did you even give birth to me you dog? You are
like faeces,”
She corrosively added.

None of us really choose our families and while we do our best to navigate problems that might arise between us and our parents, things don’t always work out for the best and indeed there are other many examples all over the world of children who are estranged from their parents for one reason or another.

Anita Fabiola 5
Anita and her lover

When it comes to celebrities, there are a million examples of annoyingly happy families that are shoved in our faces through overly positive posts all over social media. However, Ugandan entertainment is full of examples of celebs who have strained relationships with their parents, so this website each week starting January 20222 will give you a list of some of the most dysfunctional Uganda celebrity families and the reasons why some of our favourite celebs have terrible relationships with their parents.

We hope the old saying “time heals all wounds” is true for Fabiola who might wish to repair things with the dad. We understand that some situations and misdeeds are unforgivable, but we do hope Fabiola is in a good place and at peace with things as soon as possible.



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