#MCM: IBRA KAYONDO: Trip addicts Founder promoting Domestic Tourism amongst the youth!

Travel is probably one of life’s greatest adventures. Being able to see and experience other places, cultures, people and so many other things is an experience you cannot take for granted. It is still such a big myth that travel is expensive and this has robbed many of that beautiful experience especially the young people.


Today in our #MCM series, we bring you Kayondo Ibrahim, a travel fanatic. With his dedication and passion for travel, Ibrahim created TRIP ADDICTS, a youth-oriented travel group aimed at encouraging young people to travel more. We rounded him off for quick talk, sit back and relax as you enjoy the read!

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What inspired the genesis of Trip Addicts?

Well I personally do love tourism as a passion but I had to do it under an organized group and that’s brought the birth of trip addicts

What do you think makes Trip Addicts different from other travel groups?

Well Trip addicts has been innovational in this game, we introduced the kind of entertainment (Silent disco on the bus) the youth would like to have while going for a trip. Secondly we are very affordable with a slogan “Everyome must travel”.  We are consistent so we got peoples trust.

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How do you feel about winning the Domestic Tourism Janzi Award 2021?

Well, as the founder looking back at a year ago I would say I feel previlaged to have won the award. Extremely happy!

What’s next? What should people expect from Trip Addicts 2022?

As Trip Addicts we are looking at growing bigger, looking at purchasing vehicles of our own and promoting domestic tourism in different perspectives.

Do you think government has supposed groups like yours enough?

Well the government hasn’t done much of the support. With the systems being too bureaucratic most of us get worn out while chasing the support government puts in place.

Tell us about your final trip last year ?

Our Final trip we headed to Murchison falls on the 31st December to 2nd Jan. It grew bigger when we got Nile special on board as our sponsors. It was a 3 days trip with much fun at cost of 250k per person.

What more services does Trip Addicts offer ?

Trip Addicts offers Safari, Hotel booking, Ticketing among many other services.

What is the biggest problem you as Trip business people face ?

Well problem is Ugandans are seasonal when it comes to traveling the turn up of Ugandans traveling per trip is tricky.

How can one be part of the trips you organize and what are your price rates ?

Well we hold group trips every month you just have to keep up with our socials to know the updates. We as well organize private trips. Well prices vary but one thing we assure our clients is affordability always.

How does one get Trip Addicts on Social media ?

We are on all social media platforms Facebook: Trip Addicts. TikTok: trip addicts, Twitter: Tripaddicts1, Instagram: trip_addicts_ug, Snapchat: tripaddicts.

Below are some of the shots from the Trip Addicts Past trips

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image4 4
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