TikTok Surpasses Google As World’s Most Popular Site In 2021


Tiktok, the popular video-sharing app, has now surpassed Google, the American search engine, as the world’s new most popular online destination.

According to Cloudflare, an IT security company, the rankings indicate that TikTok beat Google off its primary position in February, March and June this year, and has currently held the number one position since August.

Cloudfare said it tracks data using its tool ‘Cloudfare Radar’, which monitors web traffic.

The world was plunged into a pandemic that saw the bulk of the globe stuck behind closed doors and as people longed for entertainment, TikTok’s popularity went into an outpour. 

TikTok therefore continues to prove itself as a force to be reckoned thanks to several enjoyable trends that took us out of our pandemic-ridden reality.

In 2020, Google held its place in the lead, among other technology giants including TikTok, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix which were all in the top 10.

By July this year, TikTok had been downloaded more than three billion times, according to data company Sensor Tower.


Owned by a Chinese company called Bytedance, the social network continues to grow rapidly in numbers as it now has more than one billion active users across the world.



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